I wish I could say I always knew I was going to be a photographer but that just isn't my story.

After college, I was working in corporate America and I wanted to escape the 'rat race'. I cringed at the thought of working in a cubicle from 9-5 for the rest of my life.  I wanted was freedom, freedom to make my own schedule, be my own boss and travel when/where I wanted and use my creativity in some capacity.

I'm felicia.

What's up!

While working in corporate America, I just picked up a camera for a hobby on the weekends and that is how it all started. I shot my sister's maternity photos and from there people asked me to shoot family photos etc. and I started shooting either for free or just a mere $50. 

I knew shooting families and maternity photos were not what I wanted to do but it was a stepping stone to get into the wedding and elopement industry. One day I was very fed up with working in corporate America that I just decided to throw in the towel and go all in on my dreams. I packed my bags and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii to make my dreams my reality.

There's something about going to a place where you know nobody and having to start a business from scratch that really grows you as a person. It kind of gives you two options - you either sink or swim and I know I wasn't going to let myself drown. 

I started making connections when I got there and eventually built up my business to be shooting weddings and elopements. 

Then COVID hit. When COVID hit, Hawaii decided to shut down the entire island. I thought about quitting at this point and went through some very difficult times as 90% of my clients were tourists coming into the island. Eventually, I had to make the difficult decision to move back home. However, instead of throwing in the towel, I just transferred my business and now I am blessed enough to continue to travel all over the United States shooting weddings and elopements.

How it all happened.

Mr + Mrs Gaitis


100000000/10 recommend Felicia!!! I knew our wedding photos were going to amazing, but they were beyond INCREDIBLE!! Felicia was so easy to work with and made us feel so comfortable the whole day. She even asked my good side at the beginning of the day and took that into consideration for every photo!! She is hands down the best photographer! So thankful for Felicia making our wedding day unforgettable!!


Number of couples I've photographed.


Number of times I pretended to run away from home as a kid to see if anyone in my family actually cared about me.


Number of hikes I've done in Hawaii.


Number of National Parks I've visited. This is honestly depressing for me. Trying to get this number up ASAP.


Number of states I've traveled to.


Random facts about yours truly

Not only do I absolutely love taking epic photos for couples in love that make them feel beautiful and proud to say "that's me!"

I also want to prove to anybody that they can do whatever they set their mind to.

No goal is out of reach for you if you believe you can do it.

You are the architect of your own life. I know it sounds crazy but trust me, I was just like you. I envied people who did what they actually wanted to do with their lives until I did it. I'm just a regular person that decided I wanted more out of my life than to work for somebody else constantly looking at the clock and living for the weekends.

the reason I do what I do

My Why